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Welcome to the exciting world of The Thing NFT! The thing is the first virtual reality (VR) Play-To-Earn NFT is currently minting on Ethereum.

 Each Thing is unique and randomly generated (using a Python script) with various attributes, including fur, headwear, and so much more. Some are rarer than others, depending on the nature and number of attributes they have. The minting process happens on the Ethereum Blockchain and is currently ongoing. Visit our minting page at and connect your Metamask or Trustwallet to mint your own Thing!

The FIRST VR Play-To-Earn NFTs

These cute little creatures have generated an enthusiastic fan community in only a short time, and everyone is waiting to get their Thing. 

The technical infrastructure is called Non-Fungible-Token or ERC-721 which is randomly assigned to each wallet. You have a chance to get a very rare Thing with each mint. Holding The Thing is only the beginning of the journey. 

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