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Main Objective

With crypto games rising in popularity, so has the NFT gaming sector. In the first quarter of 2021, crypto gaming experienced an upgrade in the form of NFT games.

Trends have always propelled the gaming industry, and the latest trend in NFTs is no exception. While it is no secret that the NFT market has grown to become a billion dollar market, without a doubt, games are one of the best-suited use cases of NFTs. 

Through NFT gaming, assets in the game like the avatar, armory, or any asset, can become NFT and can easily be owned, transferred, and sold on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is giving gamers ownership over in-game assets and allowing them to increase their value by actively playing the game are key components of the play-to-earn games.


VR Play-To-Earn Battle  1v1 OG Things Battles 

Things will be able to battle against each other to level up. You will need $TCOIN to pay for each flight. The winner will earn experience points which will help to level up. We will release some exciting sneak peeks about the game-play soon in our Discord! 

When selecting a flight you can choose different arenas, depending on your level you will be able to unlock more advanced arenas. We will release some exciting sneak peeks about how the arenas will look like soon in our Discord! Armor / Weapon To have an advantage over your battle partner, you can purchase armor or weapons with $TCOIN in our shop. We will also raffle and airdrop a few weapons and armory right before the fighting starts.


The way our breeding works can be quite complex. But for the sake of this post, we’ll be giving a birds-eye overview. Breeding is taking two Things and breeding them to create a third called “Baby Thing”. You will need $TCOIN to pay for the breeding. Once you got your offspring, you can sell them for a profit or use them in battles. Each Thing can be bred a maximum of 3 times per month. There will be several breeding strategies, but we think the more popular one will be to breed the same color fur to maintain purity. But who knows, maybe mixing two furs will result in a Rainbow Thing? There are thousands of possible outcomes defined by the parent’s genes.

$TCOIN Ecosystem 

The $TCOIN is needed for breeding, fighting and purchasing accessories, so buying and selling $TCOIN can be a good strategy for flippers. Staking $TCOIN will become a part of The Thing Ecosystem and the token will become more and more important as the game becomes more decentralized. You will be able to trade your $TCOIN against other cryptocurrencies.


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