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Welcome to the exciting world of The Thing Play-To-Earn Metaverse. We are releasing a few birds-eye details about the future of The Thing Metaverse in this blog post.

The $TCOIN is needed for breeding, fighting and purchasing accessories, so buying and selling $TCOIN can be a good strategy for flippers. Staking $TCOIN will become a part of The Thing Ecosystem and the token will become more and more important as the game becomes more decentralized. You will be able to trade your $TCOIN against other cryptocurrencies.

What is The Thing Metaverse?

Well, It’s not a single product, it’s not a game, and it’s not being created by us. Rather, it’s akin to a 3D world, where projects, information, and communication tools are immersive and interoperable. In a way, it’s a digital facsimile of how we live in the physical world. 

The centerpiece of our Metaverse is, of course, The Thing NFT Avatar. Our Ecosystem consists of the first VR Play-To-Earn Gaming Experience on the Market + NFT Breeding + DeFi Staking/Farming. We will be releasing more detailed information about The Thing Metaverse in a separate blog post, together with previews (images, videos and other sneak peeks).

$TCOIN Tokenomics

Total amount of $TCOIN: 1.000.000 

A total of 1 million $TCOIN will be issued, which will originally be stored in the organizer’s account to be distributed to The Thing Metaverse users. Activities, for which a user can collect $TCOIN, imply benefiting the ecosystem in one way or another, such as social media support, participation in a referral program, the use of the NFT Staking program, and other marketing activities. 

The distribution of $TCOIN to users will be done in several stages. Over the first year, only 300,000 tokens will be distributed.

 $TCOIN is not a speculative coin. It is used as an in-game currency that simplifies the process of battling, breeding, and other exciting features.

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